Dear Suzanne,
Glad for your setting up of the Miracle Centre.
I invite you to something that’s not as rosy 🙂
Nirbhaya, (a nick given by media) a young girl was brutally raped and thrown in the cold night of 2012. (After the serial rape, a minor rapist thrust an iron rod into her vagina, drawing out her intestines in the process) She died a few days later. This week India‘s court has ordered to hang the four accused.
I warmly invite you to participate in an Illuminata Magazine World View story on a current event that has infuriated a majority of Indians.
I believe it is in such conditions our understanding of love and light is tested. Please read below and answer one question, which I’ll include under you name in the cover story that’ll be published next week.]
The Illuminata Question:
A girl was brutally raped and killed. A nation now cheers the impending murder of the four accused rapists. What would you tell such a people? How would you put across your message of love and forgiveness to them? 
The story with your answer will appear here early next week
Events like these vex the people in India. Illuminata wishes to heal by such journalism. As you have guessed, by choosing to participate in this magazine story, you’re offering your wisdom to help heal a region.
Thanks much in advance,
Always in gratitude.
Joshua Newton
Illuminata Weekly Magazine

Dear Joshua,
The answer is always Love – no matter what the situation seems to be. We are under a spell of thinking that we are separate from our Source. The pain of this, which is pushed out of awareness, plays out in countless ways. This act of violence is one of many that seem to grab at our hearts.  As long as we continue to see the problem outside of our own mind, we will continue to suffer. Great masters throughout time have looked to that which is beyond the human perception of pain and death. Those who have steadfastly pointed in the direction of true release from the bondage of pain and suffering have been mostly ignored. The answer has been given, but few have listened and followed. We are vast beyond what can be known, but a mind that refuses to question the mesmerization of the sensual world will never experience its own Truth. The world of the senses is a cloaking mechanism to keep the mind caught in a dream of fear and death.

This need not be! By all human understanding Jesus suffered, bled and died a horrible death on the cross. He said, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” These were not words of a suffering man; these words came from a transcendent mind that had gone beyond the logical mind of a human being. This experience of transcendence is available to all that turn their attention in a different direction. Inward!

We cannot change the world by tinkering with all the seeming fearful circumstances on the screen of life. We must go inward to a realization that it is our choice! Jesus teaches us in ACIM that we are hallucinating, and that we have the power within us to stop doing so. This act of violence can be used as motivation to WAKE UP, or it can be used as an excuse to continue to fuel the fire of anger and fear. Each one can choose to either go deeper into the illusion of fear and suffering or to begin the ascension out of the darkness into the Light.

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