Time Heals No Wounds

“Time heals all wounds”–we hear this all the time, as if time is the only way to get over the pain of certain experiences in our lives. I want to explore together how the belief in time is actually the wound. As we raise this belief to the light, not only do our seeming wounds disappear, but also our seeming entrapment in linear time.

Here at The Monastery, we have really been facing what seems like a very accepted belief–that we were born into this world, that we have lived our lives here, and that at some point we will die. This seems reasonable to the logical mind that believes in the separation and in the individual as a separate self. However, as the desire to awaken gets stronger and stronger, we are called upon to take the steps that Jesus offers us in ACIM, and one of those steps is to question all of our values and cherished beliefs: “To learn this course requires willingness to question every value that you hold. Not one can be kept hidden and obscure but it will jeopardize your learning. No belief is neutral. Every one has the power to dictate each decision you make.” (T-24.In.2)I love that line that no belief is neutral! Our belief in linear time is not neutral–it is literally what keeps the hamster wheel of time going. We do this to ourselves. As Jesus explains, everything we experience in this seeming world is by our choice: “I have done this thing, and it is this I
would undo.” ( T-27.VIII.11)

Jesus is inviting us on a very deep journey of recognizing that we have built our entire life on false assumptions, and one of these assumptions is TIME. Time … it seems so benign to accept it as a fact of life, and yet Jesus teaches us in ACIM that belief in time is at the root of the separation.  “Time did not come into existence until the first projection of error outward, which gave rise to the material universe” (T-18.I.6:1-2)  David writes, “The ego’s thought system seems logical, but it is based on the false premise that the separation occurred. Time is at its base.” If time is at its base, then isn’t it important to question how we relate to it and how we keep EXPERIENCING IT AS OUR REALITY? David goes on to say, “The mind believing in time sees the awakening as linear. The plan of atonement was an immediate answer to the belief in separation. You are healed, free, and atoned for in the present. Any instant the ego is released, God is remembered.”

What does it mean to release the ego? How do we do it? The only way to experience what ACIM is pointing us to is to PRACTICE FORGIVENESS. But what is forgiveness? Jesus defines it as recognizing the false as false. And what is false? Everything we think we think and everything we think we know! This can seem daunting as you start to really dedicate your mind to Awakening. But what else do you have to do? You are either deciding to continue to sleep, experiencing fear and guilt with a little pseudo-happiness mixed in, or you are choosing to wake up from a dream that was made to keep your own divinity out of awareness. Jesus is inviting us to question everything that was made to cover over our inner radiance so that we can be free. The Course provides the tools for accomplishing two very essential things: Collapsing time (the illusion), and therefore shortening the amount of experiences we have by believing in “life” in this world; and finding peace while we believe we are still within the illusion. This is made possible through the help of The Holy Spirit, Who is the Voice for God.

So let’s take a very close look at how our belief in linear time keeps us bound to guilt and fear. It’s like we are addicted to the tiny mad idea and we CHOOSE to keep playing it over and over and over and over!! At many gatherings around the world, David has used the movie Ground Hog Day to illustrate that we will all continue to play the same ego game over and over again until we begin to choose a different purpose for our life. Let’s stop the linear-time loop and awaken to the happy dream through forgiveness.  It does take vigilance, but the alternative just seems like a complete waste of TIME!!!

Many Blessings,