The Resurrection

What is the Resurrection?

The resurrection is the complete triumph of Christ over the ego, not by attack but by transcendence. For Christ does rise above the ego and all its works, and ascends to the Father and His Kingdom.  


When I began my journey with this community, I thought I was dedicated to healing. But what I began to understand was how deep the deception in the mind goes. I really had no idea how far away I really was to serving One purpose. The Course says about resurrection: “It is the relinquishment of all other purposes, all other interests, all other wishes and all other concerns. It is the single desire of the Son for the Father.” Wow! I had to clear away so many distractions of things I still wanted and thought I needed before I could feel the power and inspiration of that line in the Course. This desire is what has the power to take us all the way. If you still have desires for things of the world  it will feel like Awakening is too big of a mountain to climb. For the past several years, there have been many times when I felt like I was not getting anywhere. I have used the example of making butter many times in sessions at the Monastery when people would express their frustration and feelings of not getting it. When making butter, one has to churn the milk over and over and over and it  feels like nothing is happening. But then–very suddenly–you have butter. I love this parable because when things seem to reappear after you feel like you have already forgiven them…forgive them again. 70 times 7 is what the Bible says. It certainly has been my experience that  these very deeply held thoughts and beliefs are telling me that there is something of this world that I think I need to be happy. I am seeing now that, truly, the Kingdom is within–and oh how beautiful it is! It is worth every ounce of energy and every bit of vigilance required to turn your mind into divine alignment! People tell me all the time that they just aren’t  getting it, and I invite them to look to see where they still want something else. Where you might continue to look outside for your sustenance where the mind is distracted by the things of this world. Look deeply and you will find there is an opprotunity to forgive, to let go of, to raise up, and to hand over some part of a self-concept that keeps the inspiration from being realized. Resurrection is the mind going into an experience of pure awareness. It is worthy of our full attention!

Much love, Suzanne